Posted: 01/25/2022

Job Description


  • Recognizes and implements information security strategies and procedures
  • Collaborates with engineering teams to define and refine information security and systems management policies and settings
  • Monitors and evaluates vendor and third-party information security reports/lists
  • Reviews new products, technologies and give suggestions of the introduction of new technologies to leadership
  • Evaluates, prioritizes and suggests information security improvements
  • Coordinates administer, manage, and monitor the use of access control systems security tools and intrusion detection systems to identify anomalous events and security infractions that exploit system vulnerabilities
  • Integrates information security, network security controls into an environment to identify risks and reduce their impact
  • Provides analysis of potential risk to information security, network security and recommends solutions
  • Makes and maintains information security, network security documentation
  • Communicates information security, network security procedures to users
  • Considers and suggests changes to information security, network security policies
  • Designs develop or recommend security systems solutions for the protection of proprietary/confidential data and systems
  • Provides technical services for the support of integrated security systems and solutions
  • Take part in the customer in the strategic network security design process to translate security and business requirements into processes and systems
  • Coordinates administer, manage, and monitor the use of network security control and tools to identify anomalous events and security infractions that exploit system vulnerabilities



  • Theoretical & practical knowledge of security basic
  • Theoretical & practical knowledge of fundamentals routing protocols & networking basic including protocols (FTP, HTTP, SSH, SMB, LDAP....)
  • Detail-oriented with strong communication & organizational skills
  • Customer-oriented with an interest in customer satisfaction
  • Preferred Certification: multiple eLearns, SEC+, Network+, Linux+, GCIA, GCFA, GCFE, GREM, GPEN, CISSP, OSCP or equivalent


  • Good understanding principles, concepts, theories, technologies & standards of the security field
  • Develops and employs the intermediate-level aptitude
  • Extends knowledge through mentorship & ongoing learning
  • Good knowledge of related industry considerations
  • Strong experience & demonstrated ability to utilize systems, tools & procedures to accomplish the job
  • Approach & procedure in dealing with client’s problems, following protocol
  • Good understanding of endpoint security


  • Find the way to optimize workflow & individual efficiency
  • Develops solutions to problems of moderate complexity
  • Interprets & acts on generally defined practices & methods
  • Report problems not defined in the protocol
  • Regularly exercises discretion & independent judgment on business matters
  • Adheres to SecureWorks values with an emphasis on Integrity

Customer Focus:

  • Professional communications in written & verbal
  • Analysis communications to customers and management must be clear, concise, and focused.
  • Good understanding of current events for Information Security
  • Showing empathy for clients problems; demonstrates urgency in making appropriate reports
  • Showing active listening when communicating with clients & team members
  • Expresses awareness of security attacks at the network & application layers
  • Demonstrates consultative mindset when engaging clients
  • Provides a basic understanding of security devices
  • Build the investigation until you are satisfied with the outcome as if you were consuming it
  • Remain focused on the end goal which is client’s success
  • Be in charge for issues & resolve them for our customers


  • Provides complex analysis of potential risk to information security and recommends innovative solutions
  • Develops and maintains detailed documentation to support information security compliance
  • Contributes problems-solving assistance with day-to-day operations and support functions, such as monitoring and maintaining a ticket queue
  • Actively join in tactical and strategic planning internally and for customer
  • Define opportunities for new processes and procedures, as well as, join in new security projects and implementations
  • Prepares briefings and reports of analysis methodology and results in assist of IT security incidents
  • Contributes as subject matter expert to solution designers for new business proposals
  • Supports security issues at a high level, including security incident handling, authentication server management, and virus outbreak remediation.
  • Recommends, develops, monitors and enforces information security policies
  • Performs technical analysis of computer security incidents related to malware, intrusion attempts, and system-level log analysis; provides testimony in assist of the case findings
  • Collaboration with senior staff to deploy and assist the technical infrastructure for secure log in internal systems, applications, and infrastructure, including Firewall, IDS, VPN, and authentication systems


  • Conducts security threat analysis of various malware & web attacks, adjust a customer wide event stream consisting of events from all major security platforms & collaboration with customers to resolve security-related problems based on operational needs
  • Analyze & evaluate security incidents, escalate to appropriate teams for additional assistance
  • Handle customer requests received via chat, email, phone, or ticketing system in a timely, professional & detail-oriented means
  • Using internal guidelines in order to solve customer requests
  • Conduct accurate & precise real-time analysis & correlation of logs/alerts from a multitude of clients devices with a focus on determining security incidents
  • Working with the customer’s Line of Business technical teams for problem resolution & mitigation

alarm_on Work arrangement

Duration: 9 months with extension to 1 year

Location: Remote - will be required to go onsite in the future, looking for candidates local to Atlanta

Austin, USA
MagRabbit USA

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