Posted: 02/21/2022

Job Description


  • Provides support for database operations, monitoring databases and backups, fixing repeated and simple issues and escalating complicated incidents following the standard operating procedures.
  • Provides support for database production focusing on availability, capability, performance, security and DR.
  • Performs all tasks of database installation and configuration, improves performance, performs health checks, backups and recovery, manage changes according to documented standards.
  • Resolving problems with database instances, Damage Recovery, replication and backups
  • Provides support for database development and project in compliance with standards for database design.
  • Designs and build database systems for various platforms and computing environments to meet business requirements.
  • Provides guidance on standards and best practices, help development teams with activities related to database during the software development lifecycle.
  • Evaluates and certifies database technology, and helps on vendor relationship management.
  • Designs develops and drives database standard implementation, applies properly tools and procedures to the organization.
  • Ensures that database security controls meet the requirements of audit and compliance policies.
  • Implements proper database technologies for data privacy and data classification according to regulatory guidelines.


Must Haves:

- Good experience in using MemSQL/SingleStore, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Mongo Database

- Good experience with Elastic Search

- Good experience with Cassandra



  • Conducts in all aspects of database management and applies advanced knowledge of at least one area
  • Establish quality criteria for all aspects of database management
  • Consults with management to support and implement technical enhancements
  • Manage big, complicated projects that are longer-term in nature or projects that have been key priority for the user community; leads programs and special projects
  • Play a role of model/mentor in database and business user community
  • Assesses and give advice to the purchase and utilization of technologies such as DMBS/s, servers, extract and conditioning tools, metadata management, security tools, archival/recovery tools and data access
  • Build up project plans for implementing data warehouses; develop data storage and management processes for specific data warehouse projects
  • Plans projects and manage the technical aspects of a data warehouse implementation and maintenance
  • Identifies, fixes and applies preventive measures to protect applications and system software from technical problems.
  • Investigates and works on non-standard problems or issues that involve various technologies, ex: browser to spindle and suggests long-term solutions and fixes
  • Proposes and monitor the implementation of system level configuration changes
  • Accomplishes complex application environment builds and refreshes
  • Builds and executes disaster recovery procedures
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