Education and E-Learning Solutions Development

Digital Delivery Platform Development
Within the education industry, a term has been coined as Learning Management Systems (LMS). LMS has been our focus for more than 10 years.
Assessment and Interactive Engine Development
As publishers increasingly move to digital, they need a variety of interactive engines developed for content delivery. Mtech Partners has focused on Technology Enhanced Items (TEI) that were introduced by PARCC and Smarter Balance, two of the largest assessment consortia. We have extended this into things such as graphic organizers, games, virtual manipulative resources, and other types of interactive content that is needed to meet educational needs.
Content Conversion Services
Content conversion is needed typically from legacy print products to create engaging digital content for customers. These types of customers tend to have a large vault of assets and need an ability to scale these conversions during their shift to digital. Conversions can be simple static types of assets, eBooks, Assessments, or full-fledged Interactive Editions.
Integration Services
Publishers need to have systems that integrate with the technologies used in schools and districts. We have focused on supporting IMS Global specifications for integration to support single sign-on and rostering. These two specs are known as LTI Integration and One Roster. Integrations extend into things like Clever, Google Classroom, and Office 365 to name a few. We also work with Integrations to other LMS such as Canvas, Desire2Learn, or whatever other solutions our customers may use. Another part of the integration process we have expertise with is the back-end function of integrating the digital delivery platform with the customers’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.
Publishing Tools & Systems
With the content conversion, there is a massive amount of content for these publishing organizations to manage. Therefore, we also provides development support to build custom publishing tools and systems to streamline content production activities. We can integrate or customize off the shelf content management systems as well. We have discovered that most customers prefer to go with authoring systems for things like assessments since these need to be custom built as nothing really off the shelf that addresses their needs.
Each person on our management team has over 20 years of experience within the Harcourt and Sadler corporations and our software engineers have over 10 years of experience on an EDDS team.
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