Quality Assurance Services

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Quality Assurance Software Testing

Today, our global customers expect high-quality, defect-free software for their business continuity. "Quality" to Mtechpartners means having all features of a customer's application working together correctly, at all times.

The primary goal of our Testing Services is to ensure that your products are fault-free and adhere to customer-specified functional requirements. We understand that you want applications that perform as expected. That is why we integrate our domain and testing expertise to meet this goal. Our complete testing methodologies are designed to achieve high levels of test coverage and performance, to ensure that your company gets the product you want.

Software Testing Expertise

  • Client Server Application Testing
  • Web Application Testing
  • Desktop Application Testing
  • Black Box Testing techniques such as Equivalence Partition, Boundary Value Analysis, Cause Effect Graphing, Error Guessing, Use-Case Testing, State Transition Diagram Testing and Decision Table Testing are used for Test Case Generation.
  • 100% coverage is guaranteed by using White Box techniques like Control Flow, Data Flow and Branch Testing.
  • Requirements traceability matrices are created and efficiently utilized so that further changes in the requirements are tested thoroughly.
  • Test Strategy and Test Plan Preparation.
  • Defect Tracking and Reporting.
Tracking Tools:

Redmine, Quality Center, Jira

Automation Tools:

Katalon, Selenium, QTP

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