Analyst, IT Service Operations -United States

Posted: 05/05/2021


Must have:

  • Having knowledge of troubleshooting HW and software issues/conflicts. 
  • Experience in developing or implementing quality specifications in a manufacturing setting is advantageous. 
  • Identifying process gaps and developing ways to address them. 
  • Having  general knowledge of the business environment.
  • Encourages cooperation and coordination inside and through work groups. 
  • In charge of delivering test case automation criteria and specifications.
  • Responsible for the delivery of subsystems, as well as anticipating and resolving problems
  • Fully capable of designing, implementing, and maintaining a test environment, including all necessary equipment, configuration, and software.
  • Ability to establish suitable test methodologies 
  • Familiar with using the required equipment and applications.


  • Solving technical issues from low to moderate level following reasonable service standards, often with the help of team members. 
  • Mostly communicates within functional teams to provide updates on problem resolution.
  •  Attempts to comprehend and make use of the technological and incident contact structures. Investigates technologies and processes with the help of internal resources and teammates. 
  • Monitors and responds to data from tools and control systems, and uses the data to resolve outages and enhance processes. 
  • To develop a knowledge base, reviews and analyzes company-specific and industry knowledge; can contribute to documentation and knowledge bases.
  • Works on tasks that are single-threaded, may work on multiple incidents or projects simultaneously depending on complexity 
  • Usually receives confirmation from more senior team members to step ahead with complex system improvements. 
  • May assist in problem recreation and root-cause analysis with senior staff
  •  Complies to developed and enforced guidelines, recorded protocols, and technological improvements. 
  • Adequately escalated more challenging instances to more senior team members.
IT Technical Support Position
Austin, USA
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