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Mobile application, Web application


Cellar Master is an iPad-based tool designed for bars, lounges and wine bars that are used by guests to engage and assist them as they select wines, enjoy wines and discover food and beverage-related offerings from the establishment. Cellar Master is an informative and entertaining way for guests to experience wine, which should result in higher wine sales and more satisfied guests.

MagRabbit's Solutions

  • Use the leading programming language, Objective-C, to build their iOS app with amazing animations and transitions to bring the most wonderful experience to users when they have opportunities to taste wines and food in Cellar-based restaurants, bars.
  • Use Django framework to develop the website and distribute the content via CloudFront and hosted on Amazon Web Service.


With MagRabbit’s expertise in developing large scale, high-performance applications, we set up our client with a well-developed, reliable application that can be used to enhance their business and increase revenue significantly.


Sponsiv Digital Inc.


Front-end: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery
Back-end: Python, Django Framework
Infrastructure: AWS EC2, S3, RDS for MySQL, Elastic File System, Auto-Scaling, Elastic Load Balancing, CloudFront CDN, Cloudwatch
iOS: Objective-C
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