Posted: 02/21/2022

Job Description


  • Participates in analyses of the tools, technology, and procedures required to protect the enterprise in all ways.
  • Tools, procedures, data, monitoring, and technology are preserved and streamlined, and performance criteria are established for their successful use.
  • Deploys applications, policies, documents, and technology, and sets performance requirements for their good use.
  • Works on cybersecurity issues that can be extremely nuanced and broad, with a specific focus on defense operations.
  • Selects tools and approaches to define and advocate appropriate alternatives for defense.
  • Specializes in one or more fields of security operations, including network, host, database, device, event management, cloud, authentication, identity, and other new technologies.


Essential Requirements:

  • Having a Degree in Information Technology, Information Security, or related certifications
  • Having more than 8 years of professional experience supporting general cryptography, Hardware Security Modules (HSM), Public Key Infrastructures (PKI), and digital signing services
  • Expertise on the Implementation and support of cryptography security standards
  • Extensive knowledge, experience, and deep understanding of Authentication and Authorization methods, database schemas, and vendor integrations
  • Strong knowledge of SSL certificate lifecycle management.
  • Excellent communication skills in both verbal and written, especially technical writing skills and the capacity to explain complicated problems to non-technical teams
  • Good experience with Agile development methodologies
  • Good knowledge and understanding of IT systems, domains, enterprise applications, DNS, networking, and data loss prevention technologies

Desirable Requirements

  • Certification in Industry-standard cybersecurity from ISC (2), SANS, or similar entity strongly recommended.
  • Practical knowledge in a Development Language or Scripting.


  • Tools, protocols, data, monitoring and technology are retained and streamlined and performance metrics are established for their successful use.
  • Participates in analyses of the tools, technology and processes required to protect the enterprise in all ways
  • Acts as the bridge in cybersecurity activities discussions between professional and non-technical contributors
  • Usually, the boss offers the concern and a high-level approach for more complex issues
  • Create and preserve comprehensive documents to endorse systems for cybersecurity
  • Works on medium difficulty cybersecurity issues, with special focus on protection operations
  • Selects approaches and strategies to define and advocate successful security solutions
Cybersecurity Engineering
Austin, USA
MagRabbit USA

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